The Forestry and Environment Office Deliver Groceries and Sacrificial Animals to the Mosques

The celebration of Eid al-Adha or the feast of sacrifice is on 31 July 2020, the Taklim Assembly of the Forestry and Environment Office of Papua  handed over assistance to the congregation of the Mosques, the Kampung Karyabumi, Namblong District, Thursday (July 30, 2020).

Assistance given is a calf, 500 pieces of masks and 100 packages of groceries. As the editorial accepted the release, the assistance from the Forestry and Environment Department of Papua Province, Yan Yap Ormuseray, was accepted by the chairman of Al Muhajirin Mosque, Sarimun.

Head of the Forestry and Environment Office, Yan Yap Ormuseray said the aid was a program from the Taklim assembly in its service, while socializing the health protocols related to Coronavirus prevention to the communities in the region.

On the other hand, as a form of concern for the people in Karyabumi who is currently affected by the Covid-19 pandemic

"For that, I hope that this will help the people while celebrating the feast of Sacrifice."

"We also urge the congregation of Al Muhajirin Mosque in Kampung Karyabumi in performing the Eid prayer is adjusted to the health protocol submitted by the Government to avoid the transmission of Covid-19", he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Masjid Al Muhajirin Mosque, Sarimun appreciated the assistance. Moreover, today the congregation is facing a Coronavirus pandemic.

"This help is very beneficial especially in the coronavirus pandemic situation. Therefore, we say a lot of thanks for the help given”, he said.