The Education, Regional Library and Archive Office Encourages Banks to Distribute CSR to Prevent Covid-19 in Schools

The Department of Education, Regional Library and Archive Papua asks the banking company which has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, in order to distribute funds for the prevention and handling of Covid-19 in school.

The donation of funds can be in the form of the provision of hand washing facilities, hand sanitizers, masks and other things that serve to prevent Covid transmission

“We cannot expect everything from the government because it is focused on big things. But for small things like washing hands, masks and others can be donated by the Banking

"Banks could participate in channeling books and others because the government has a limitation in budgeting programs, so it can be filled by the bank," said the former of Regional Secretary Lanny Jaya, in Jayapura, Sunday.

Christian on that occasion said that he recently had a donation of 8 units of computer and a year of learning programs from Bank Indonesia.

It appreciates and is grateful for the concern, especially today the world of Papua's education is facing Coronavirus pandemic.

In conjunction with this, he encourages stakeholder and other state-owned institutions to participate in other similar or related programs.

"Because I think this is the right time to participate to help the education of the world in Papua which is currently in difficult times due to Corona. Of course from 8 units of assistance we will channel to the school, where as many as two units we have given to High School YPK Diaspora Kotaraja and SMK Doc V Paul, Jayapura ".

"For that, I am encouraged to let us help our children. So that we can dream of the children of Papua to be great through our help and care, " he said.