The Village With Low Covid-19 Case Ratio Will Get Reward

The Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal promises reward for villages and neighborhoods in Jayapura City and surrounding areas that have a positive case ratio of Covid-19 low.

This was conveyed by Klemen after the launch of the No-Corona Youth event in Jayapura's Office of Dock II, Monday (August 3, 2020).

The reward was intended by the Deputy Governor to motivate all citizens in order to live a healthy life and to ward off the transmission of Covid-19 in their respective regions.

"For now, many hospitals are closed because many health officers are infected with Coronavirus".

"So we hope by giving a reward to the village, then we can suppress the spread of Corona," he explained.

According to The Deputy Governor of Papua, the existence of No-Corona Youth Papua is expected to encourage socialization of healthy living according to WHO's prescribed protocols. Among them, it is easy to wash hands, wear masks and always keep the distance.

So it is hoped that in the future, the ratio of Coronavirus transmission in Papua can be decreased. To then Jayapura City, can apply a new normal adaptation, as it has been implemented in 28 regencies and cities in Papua.

"The fact of the entire village today in Jayapura is full of positive Covid-19. There are only four villages with low transmission ratio, namely Nafri, Enggros and Kayu Batu. So we are in the village and district with a high positive rate ratio ".

"Thus the citizens of Jayapura City, all of us are responsible for decreasing the transmission of the Covid-19. It is by starting to discipline ourselves", he said.

The Deputy Governor added, in the near term he will call the head of the village and district of Jayapura. Through the meeting, it is hoped that there is an understanding and steps to jointly suppress the rate of coronavirus transmission.