The Deputy Governor ask The Regent of Highland Area Beware of Covid-19 Local Transmission

Papua Deputy Governor, Klemen Tinal urged the Regents on the highland area to be aware of the local transmission of Covid-19 in the region. The trend in the last 23 weeks has been increased drastically in Covid positive in the region.

"I think the Regent must have begun to proclaim the local transmission of Covid-19 by tightening the efforts of handling the virus in their respective regions.

"That is, the regents must start the meeting and coordinate to determine the step and the handling effort. Because the regional head in the district has the authority to regulate in its territory, "said Wagub Klemen, in Jayapura.

Nevertheless, he ensured that Papuan provincial government did not igmore with the handling of Covid throughout the district.

"That is, if you need help we are ready to help. Only related to this local transmission, the regents should also quickly prevent, so as not to spread it simultaneously", he said.

Klemen, on that occasion encourages the socialization of healthy living by executing health protocols such as hand-washing, wearing masks and keeping the distance, obliged to continue to be conveyed to the community at the lower level. Because until now, transmission is still happening, both in the city and district of Papua region.

He also asked public awareness to improve self-discipline in preventing the transmission of Covid-19.

"Because if the awareness and discipline of society is still low then the transmission is difficult to press," he said.