Pressing Coronavirus Transmission, Papua Provincial Government Equates Perception with Jayapura City Government

Government provision of Papua and Jayapura city government discuss to make the perception regarding the handling of Covid-19, Wednesday (August 5, 2020).

It aims to prevent the socialization and countermeasures of Coronavirus that can be easily understandable by the public.

"We need to sit together with the city government and the ranks beneath it such as the head of district.

 “The aim is to encourage young people in each village to become agents of change to encourage the whole community to change the mindset in dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. That way, we hope the number of cases of transmission can go down”, explained Deputy Governor during the meeting.

The Deputy Governor said that the transmission in Jayapura is still very high despite a number of efforts have been made, such as Papua's contextual relaxation program. Therefore, Jayapura City until now has not been able to implement new normal adaptation.

For that, it is hoped that the perception is expected that the corona transmission will be suppressed.

Meanwhile, Jayapura's mayor, Benhur Tomi Mano says it has been committed together with Papua's provincial government to suppress the transmission of Covid-19.

Nevertheless, it hopes that the community of Jayapura also provides support by implementing a healthy lifestyle and conducting health protocols as the WHO has established.

"Of course, by washing hands, wear masks and keep the distance. This is what we will encourage together with the provincial government, in order to immediately control the transmission of Covid-19 in Jayapura City", he concluded.