Papua Economic Growth Touch IDR 48.03 Trillion

The central Statistics Agency (BPS) released the economy of the Papua Province in the quarter II-2020 experienced a positive growth of 4.52 percent.

Papua economy based on gross regional domestic product (PDRB) on the basis of the prevailing price of the quarter II-2020 reaches IDR 48.03 trillion and on the basis of the constant price of 2010 reaches IDR 33.41 trillion.

Head of The central Statistics Agency in Papua province, Adriana HC Robaha,SE. MM said from 17 Business field categories There are 5 business fields that experienced positive growth during quarter-II 2020.

In terms of production, the highest growth experienced by mining and digging businesses amounted to 29.92 percent. From the expense side, the highest growth in foreign export components amounted to 60.35 percent.

"Although most businesses experience a decline in production, rising numbers of economic growth is due to the high growth of the business field that has the largest contribution to the PDRB Papua Province, namely the mining and excavation business," said Adriana Robaha, in Jayapura.

Adriana explains the economic growth of Papua triggered an increase in production at P. T Freeport Indonesia's metal ore mines during the II 2020 quarter which carries mining and digging grows up to 29.92 percent.

"In addition to the increase of information and communication activities, health services in several health facilities, education services as well as the development of supporting infrastructures National Sports Week (PON) in Papua."

According to him, despite the increase compared to the quarter II-2019, most businesses tend to undergo growth contractions. This contraction was due to the introduction of expanded and tightened social restriction as a handling effort of the Covid-19 which emerged at the end of the quarter I-2020.

The gross regional domestic product (PDRB) reached IDR 98 million per capita at quarter II-2020. Meanwhile, PDRB Per capita without mining and excavations amounted to IDR 10,11 million.