The Governor Enembe Appreciates URI USA and PT Freeport Indonesia

The Governor of Papua province, Lukas Enembe,S.IP.MH delivers high gratitude and appreciation to the Rector and academics of the University of Rhode Island (URI) of the United States for the help of ventilators for hospitals in Papua.

"The Governor of Papua, Mr. Lukas Enembe, the Deputy Governor Klemen Tinal and the Regional Secretary and the ranks and on behalf of Papuans expressed appreciation for the ventilators have given. The governor delivered respectful greetings and thanks to the rector of the URI and the lineup”, said the head of health department Dr. Robby Kayame, SKM, M. Kes represents the governor of Papua at the handover of the ventilator between the URI, Papua provincial government and PT Freeport Indonesia, at Gensup Shipping and Offsite Exim (07/8/2020)

He said the help of this ventilator was very useful and was awaited by Papua people for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Of the number 45 hospitals in Papua, there are 13 referral hospitals that will get the help of this ventilator.

"I thought America was far away, it's unlikely that this stuff came in pandemic period. But because of cooperation between URI and assisted by PT Freeport finally ventilators arrived in Indonesia and will arrive Sunday in Jayapura", said Kayame.

The dispatch of 70 ventilators assistance is facilitated by PT. Freeport Indonesia. Dozens of these ventilators are shipped from Rhode Island of America and today, Saturday (August 8, 2020), the flight is from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport to Mimika, Wamena and Jayapura, Sunday (August 9, 2020).

At the handover of the ventilator, the Papua provincial government is represented by the head of health office of Dr. Robby Kayame, SKM, M. Kes, spokesperson for the handling of COVID-19 Papua Province, Dr. Silwanus Sumule, representatives of URI Indonesia, Diana Devi and Dian Novita Sari and Sutomo, representatives of PT Freeport Indonesia.

The rector of the URI, Dr. David M. Dooley, PhD expressed appreciation to Governor Enembe for his commitment to build stability with URI.

"I want to give my appreciation to the governor of Papua Province, Mr. Lukas Enembe for his commitment and university visiting last year to discuss with me how Rhode Island University can be a partner with the Papuan government", said Dooley in his letter which was read representatives of URI Indonesia, Diana Devi.

He also gave thanks to PT Freeport Indonesia which supports the delivery of this ventilator for the health and safety of Papuans during a pandemic. "Thank you for your partnership and collaboration," he said.

Dooley said that the design of the ventilators assembly involving more than 100 professors, staff and students of URI including the students from Papua, volunteering the ventilator for distribution to the world and to Papua.

"We work with physicians in ten different countries to make sure our ventilator kits are available to their healthcare officers Bahamas, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Haiti, Nigeria, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Papua, Indonesia," he said.