Education Department of Papua Allow to Implement Face-to-Face Learning in Green Zone Areas

JAYAPURA - Acting Head of the Education, Library and Archives Department of Papua, Protasius Lobya, spoke about the instructions of Minister of Education and Culture, Research and Technology, Nadiem Makarim to hold a face-to-face learning.

"That is, the application of face-to-face learning must still be adjusted to the conditions of respective regions".

"But if the area is included in the red zone of the spread of COVID-19, it has not been able to implement face-to-face teaching and learning activities," he told the press on Monday (09/06/2021).

According to Protasius, for the current Jayapura city area based on conditions, it has not been able to carry out face-to-face learning because the risk of spreading COVID-19 is still quite high.

Another case for Nduga Regency, it has been allowed to implement face-to-face teaching and learning activities because it is a green zone.

"But for green zone districts with suburbs that have access to transportation and are potentially affected by the spread of the virus, implementing face-to-face learning with a ratio per class is reduced by 50 percent and then uses strict health protocols."

"And of course the application of face-to-face learning activities also remains guided by health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands and physical distancing," he said.

Based on data from the COVID-19 Task Force of Papua Province as of September 3, 2021, districts that no longer have daily cases or zero cases are Sarmi, Yalimo, Yahukimo, Mamberamo and Waropen from 29 districts / cities in Papua Province. ***