Leaders Are Asked to Intensify Socializing Vaccinations

JAYAPURA – The Papua Provincial Government encourages religious, indigenous and youth leaders to aggressively socialize the COVID-19 vaccination. It aims to support government programs to achieve herd immunity.

"We encourage all people to vaccinate. So that we can achieve group immunity against the coronavirus ," said Assistant for Economic Affairs and People's Welfare of Papua Province, Muhammad Musaad in Jayapura on Tuesday.

Musa'ad hopes that all citizens in Papua can voluntarily vaccinate ahead of the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) because people who have been vaccinated can watch every game in all venues.

"Governor Lukas Enembe yesterday said unvaccinated citizens meant they could not watch the matches of National Sports Week XX.

"There is even a policy from the organizers that unvaccinated PON volunteers will also be crossed out. For that, we ask that people can immediately vaccinate," he hoped.

Previously, the Papua COVID-19 Prevention and Handling Task Force (Task Force) targeted the vaccination process to reach 70 percent, two weeks ahead of the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON) XX 2021.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the Task Force on Prevention and Handling of COVID-19 of Papua Province, Welliam R. Manderi in Jayapura.

Manderi hopes that the participation of the community in four clusters in order to voluntarily vaccinate, so that the herd immunity target will be achieved.

While one of the government's efforts to accelerate vaccination through collaboration with the National Armed Force / Police.