The Inauguration of Regent and Deputy Regent of Mamberamo Raya, Governor Ask For Them to Give Support to National Sports Week Implementation

JAYAPURA - Regent and Deputy Regent elected of Mamberamo Raya Regency, John Tabo - Ever Mudumi, inaugurated by Governor Lukas Enembe, at the inauguration event held at the State Building, Monday (09/13/2021).

The pair carried by the Golkar Party, PDI Perjuangan, PSI and Karya was inaugurated based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs No. 131.91-1222 of 2021 on the third amendment to Decree No. 131.91-353 on the endorsement of regional heads and deputy regional heads of elections simultaneously in 2020 in districts in Papua province.

In his speech, Lukas firmly asked the newly appointed regional leadership, supporting the implementation of National Sports Week XX Papua, together with other regional heads in Papua.

"Papua will conduct National Sports Week and as the host, Indonesia entrusts Papua to carry out this event".

"Athletes from Papua achieve a lot, so we must boast Indonesia through the medals and the successful implementation of National Sports Week," he said.

Lukas also advised that during the implementation of National Sports Week, all regional heads including regents and deputy regents of Mamberamo Raya, can maintain unity in their territory and avoid social conflicts.

"National Sports Week should not be conflicted. I hope the situation is safe and under control," Enembe stressed.

While related to the implementation of development and community services in Mamberamo Raya, Governor Enembe advised that the Regent and Deputy Regent always coordinate and communicate with regional leaders in the province who are representatives of the central government.

He also believes that the newly appointed regents and deputy regents can prosper the people in their territory.

It is known, the pair John Tabo - Ever Mudumi was appointed as a candidate for regent and deputy regent elected Mamberamo Raya Regency, after the Papua KPU as KPU Mamberamo Raya determined this pair as the winner of the most votes in the local regency election, with the acquisition of 8577 votes. ***