Opening of Cross-Border Post (PLBN) of Skouw For National Sports Week Destinations Still No Decision

JAYAPURA - Head of The Papua Provincial Border and Foreign Cooperation Agency, Suzana Wanggai welcomed the plan to establish a Cross-Border Post or PLBN Skouw, Muaratami District, Jayapura City, as a tourist destination National Sports Week XX 2021.

However, the opening plan is still awaiting the decision of the Indonesian and Papua New Guinea governments.

"Because even though Skouw border area becomes one of the favorite tourist destinations, the Government of Indonesia allows the door to open, while the PNG side says it is not the same, so we can only be patient waiting," he explained in Jayapura, Tuesday (09/14/2021).

According to her, currently the door of Skouw Cross-Border Post which directly connects Papua Province with the State of Papua New Guinea is still closed because of the case of COVID-19 transmission which is still quite high, especially in the neighboring country.

"The governments of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have not agreed yet to open the borders."

"So the community or guests may visit Skouw cross-border post area only. But remember, we must remain with strict health protocols, "he said.

She added, strict health protocols must be the main requirement when visiting cross-border posts, because the coronavirus is really real.

"We can't give leeway. Don't be like New Zealand which was the first green zone country, but now it's finally locked down. Of course this should be a lesson for us," she concluded.

Various natural, religious, and historic tourist destinations owned by Jayapura City, which can be a destination of National Sports Week, including Hamadi Beach, Dok 2 Beach, Base-G Beach, Holtekamp Beach, Japanese Army Landing Monument, Youtefa Bridge, and hot water pool in Muara Tami District. ***