Leonard J. Sawerdani Appointed Vice Regent of Sarmi

The Deputy Governor of Papua Klemen Tinal officially appointed Leonard j. Sawerdani as Vice Regent of Sarmi, Wednesday (10/21/2020) at Dok V State Building in Jayapura, with the remaining two-year term.

Leonard is expected to assist Regent Sarmi Eduard Fonataba in maintaining community security and improving the welfare of the community through the vision and mission of the local head.

"The newly appointed vice regent we hope he can carry out his main duties and functions accompanying the regent to realize the vision and mission that has been launched," explained the Deputy of Governor, interrupted by the inauguration.

Klemen said Sarmi Regency is a more blooming area than other districts in mountainous regions.

Therefore, the Sarmi Regency Government is time to become more developed than Jayapura Regency.

Leonard J. Sawerdani was previously elected and appointed as Deputy Regent of Sarmi Regency for the remainder of his 2017-2022 terms through a plenary meeting of the Sarmi District Parliament, not long ago.

In the plenary of the election, Leonard J. Sawerdani as a candidate for deputy regent proposed by Regent Sarmi Eduard Fonataba to the Sarmi District Parliament, sidelined his rival Karel Robert Ramandey, S.E., from the self-employed, in the voting process.

Of the 20 members of the Sarmi District Parliament, 16 voted for Leonard J. Sawerdani and the rest Karel Robert Ramandey, SE.

Leonard filled the vacancy of Deputy Regent Sarmi, after the previous official, Yosina Troce Insyaf was dismissed due to a corruption case.

Yosina Troce Insyaf was convicted of corruption in the construction of the SP II Stage I Site Irrigation Dam, in Bonggo District, Sarmi Regency in 2012.